Re-Create Out Loud #6: What if...  we would talk to your body?

Re-Create Out Loud #6: What if... we would talk to your body?


A regular talk show predominantly appeals to the eyes and the ears. If it weren’t for logistical inconveniences, we might as well leave the rest of our body at home. But isn’t that a bit of a sad situation? Would the talk show experience not benefit immensely when it addresses the entire body instead of just two human senses? How could posture, arrangement or movement contribute to the way we process all the information, follow the discussion at the table or sympathise with the guests? For answers to these questions – and more – bring your body over to the talk show. Or better yet: step right in!

Designer and curator Tom Loois is primarily interested in designing the relationships between people, objects and spaces. Together with WhyNot, a platform for contemporary dance and performance, he is looking for new ways to engage our entire body, in a talk show setting.


Vivien Tauchmann
Klasien van de Zandschulp
Joep Truijen
Dorota Gazy

Where MU
When 26 October 18.00 - 19.00
Language English
Entrance free