Soft Breaths & Soft Beats

Soft Breaths & Soft Beats

Soft Breaths & Soft Beats
Mindful finissage of Soft Focus by Lady Aïda  at MU
Breath walk, meditation, soft beats, juice and more...

Friday May 8 starting at 19.00 h

19.00 h : doors open / get in
19.30 h : Yogic Breath walk + meditation & tea  (doors will be closed at the beginning of the session so be on time)
22.00 h : doors open for the Soft Beats dance night (free for all)
01.00 h : closing  time

Only 50 people can join this experience from 19.30-22.00 h, so don’t hesitate…
You can buy online via Event brite for € 8,44 or tickets at MU's frontdesk for € 7,50 (cash only)
To have a guaranteed spot, buy your ticket in advance!
No need to register for just the dance night.

Dresscode: all white, bare feet

by MU and DJ Lady Aïda

Meditating while walking has a long, noble history in ancient spiritual disciplines. One example is the Zen Buddhism practice of kinhin, which is often performed in groups to the sound of a clapper or bell. Other spiritual traditions have also different forms of contemplative walking, but all share a similar purpose: to focus on synchronized breathing and stride in order to develop mindfulness of the present moment.

The name MU comes from a Buddhist koan. Freely translated it refers to a non-dichotomized state of mind, in which the choice between opposites is postponed to see what happens. It’s the third option between yes or no, black and white, man and woman. For MU this mentality of being in the moment and letting things be what they are without immediately classifying has always been key.
The exhibition Soft Focus made by Rafaël Rozendaal is a great example of what this may lead to. As one of the most renowned digital artists in the world Rafaël has stepped out of the computer frame to turn MU into a space between a beach, a screen and a dream. His installation has become a landscape that offers an unprecedented soft experience between the real and the virtual that seems to touch many in the core of their being. Amongst them Lady Aïda, who is so inspired by it that she wants to bring one of her Pop Up Yoga and meditation sessions to MU during the last weekend of Soft Focus. And of course we are delighted to welcome her and 50 others to be part of it. Afterwards we open the doors to all interested in a dance night of Soft Beats and fresh juices…

Goal of the evening is to experience the installation to the fullest by and connect to all that is happening around you. For this Aïda picked a program that starts with a so called Breathwalk and is followed by a meditation. Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with the art of directed, meditative attention. It is simple, natural, and effective. We can increase our choices about moods if we use body and mind together with the power of our breath.
The mind can become either our most faithful servant or our worst master. Be in touch with your mind and you are in touch with the world. Connectedness is a primary protector against illness and emotional imbalance. It’s impact is often underestimated. The state of connectedness has four areas we need to manage for real vitality: rapport, consistency, integrity and emotional presence. Use breath walk to bring each of these four areas to the positive side of their polarities and their relationships will glow with health and good communication. Connectedness is when we can be part of something greater than our normal selves. Rapport and integrity with our selves is the beginning of all connectedness…

(Quotes taken from the book Breathwalk, author is Gurucharan Singh Khalsa Ph.D and Yogi Bhajan)

DJ Lady Aïda

Having started her DJ career back in 1985, DJ Lady Aïda is renowned for her razor sharp instinct on contemporary electronic dance music for the last 30 years. The Grand Lady of techno plays her music in clubs and festivals all over the world, to which technology, art and electronic dance music, are central.  In her daily life Aïda follows the Kundalini yoga lifestyle since 2006 as Meetraj Kaur. This yogic lifestyle practice includes Kundalini yoga, mantra meditation, diet and yogic philosophy. Since 2014 she is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.
Recently Aïda started her project Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven. The purpose of Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven is to bring yoga to urban spaces such as public gardens, rooftops, buildings, theaters and anywhere else yoga is needed,  to build a community with urban yogi's who want to share the energy and benefits of Kundalini yoga and meditation.