STRP & MU WORKSPACE during DDW 18-26 October

STRP & MU WORKSPACE during DDW 18-26 October

During the Dutch Design Week STRP and MU will organize a nine-day workshop program in the STRP & MU WORKSPACE at Strijp S. Every day between 13.00 and 17.00 visitors of all ages can walk in and be surprised by a workshop, demo or presentation. The STRP workshops offer a preview of the new STRP Biënnale 2015 workshop program about creative technology. The MU workshops are a showcase of the new educational program MU Play&Learn and focuses on creative coding and reversed learning.

Sat Oct 18 STRP Multiphone
Sun Oct 19: MU The Reversed School
Mon Oct 20: STRP Oculus Rift
Tue Oct21: STRP Multiphone
Wed Oct 22: MU The Reversed School
Thu Oct 23: MU Coded Creatures
Fri Oct 24: MU The Reversed School
Sat Oct 25: STRP Oculus Rift
Sun Oct 26: STRP Multiphone
Every day: MU Subreal

In the popular game Minecraft you collect your materials and build your objects. A playful and fun way that teaches you about structures and mechanics. With the virtual glasses 'Oculus Rift' you will also be rewarded with a walk along your own structures and you can spatially experience what you have made. The Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual reality headset, which allows you to walk around in every environment possible. More

All smartphones together! Make a movie with your smartphone that visually connects to another movie. You will be challenged to creatively deal with multiple screens that, like a puzzle, will form a single image. For example; all smartphones will form a face and you will be filming the mouth. Use your smartphone and play with the possibilities of film, tilt and spatial arrangement. Contribute to a continuously changing and moving multi film. More...


The Reversed School is for everyone who feels old enough to take a step into the lecture hall and to be taught by ... students! About topics and new creative techniques that might go a little too fast for you. And where young people - fair is fair - know much more about than you. At The Reversed School you can unabashedly look over their shoulders and learn something about for example gaming, 3D printing and interactive design. More

Coded Creatures is an online course "Object Oriented Programming". Based on the Processing programming language, you learn to program step by step and you can design your own character. In the WORKSPACE you get an interactive demo and you can play with a digital environment in which the 'creatures' are located. More

Curious to which subculture you belong? Then join the workshop Subreal. Subreal is a digital research project that is trying to figure out how people create their own personal culture in relation to, or in opposition to the mainstream culture. In this workshop we invite you to be one of our researchers. More...