A performance in progress: October 13 at 20.00

This performance is in English

How much control should we be able to exert over an unborn child? Or over the body that carries an unborn child? And what does family mean when rapidly developing reproductive technologies - such as in vitro fertilization, egg and sperm donation, embryo freezing, DNA testing and gene editing - transform our relationships?

These and many other probing, current questions are brought together by multi-media artist Lauren Lee McCarthy in the performance 'in progress' Surrogate. On Thursday evening October 13 you can experience this performance, which is shown in the Netherlands for the first time, in an intimate setting at MU. Buy your ticket here and visit MU October 13 at 20.00 (walk-ins from 19.30). 

This performance is linked to the exhibition Reproduction Otherwise, on show at MU from 7 October 'till 27 November 2022, in which an installation with the same title as the performance is presented.