Temple-Talk: Is Soil Sacred?

Temple-Talk: Is Soil Sacred?

Thursday Special with Jasper Griepink, Victoria McKenzie & Georgia Kareola

What does it mean to be an artist-activist, to align and connect the personal–political–aesthetic? How can we understand or re-interpret our world as nature, instead of nature disconnected from the world? And is soil sacred? Join artist Jasper Griepink, eco-warrior & academic-activist Victoria McKenzie and interdependent writer & researcher Georgia Kareola on Thursday 26 May to redefine our relationships with nature and with soil, fusing elements of science, the sacred, context and playful fun in a meandering temple-talk.

During the informal talk, the artists will engage in a discussion through the soils amidst the mystical EARTHSHRINE. Weaving and moving through their personal practices, Griepink & McKenzie discuss how the personal, political and aesthetic align; how the speculative future of the soil demands a reinterpretation of it outside of techno-agricultural production. And how a reawakening of the Earth’s connectivity is the recognition of all its relations—of human, more-than-human and spirit.

The night will kick off with interdependent writer & researcher Georgia Kareola who will share her research on soil in the context of EARTHSHRINE. Kareola: "In the light of the current soil crisis induced by capitalist practices of extraction, it is urgent we envision and embody new ways of engaging with soil, a complex living and spiritual system." In their upcoming essay, Kareola will contextualise the exhibition EARTHSHRINE and its eco-fictional proposition of Sensing Sacred Soils, in the light of current critical theory on soil ecologies and new materialism. With the insights gathered during the evening, the dialogue between McKenzie and Griepink and input from the audience, the enthralling text will be completed and published at mu.nl

Join live at MU, or tune in online for the live-streaming. 

** This event is an introduction to Victoria McKenzie and Jasper Griepink, who will perform a fungal earth blessing on Sunday 29 May at MU **

When: Thursday 26 May | Where: MU Hybrid Art House & online via a livestream | Time: 20.00 - 22.00 | Tickets: 5,- regular / 2,50 students / free for WAP members / 2,50 to join online

Victoria McKenzie
Victoria McKenzie (she/her) is an eco-warrior, academic-activist, dance artist and writer based in London. She is currently a PhD candidate at University of London where she researches ecologies of transformation, working at the intersections of ecofeminism, black study, post-colonial thought, traditionalist-scientific notions, climate discourse and philosophies of being. Her aim is to demonstrate the entangled life of climate whilst developing new methodologies for a unification of Earth.

George Kareola 
Georgia Kareola (she/they) co-founded Neo-Metabolism, a planetary research and design practice, and co-founded Specter, a curatorial platform for digital culture relishing sentience in our human-tech playgrounds. Kareola is currently completing a MA in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Her thesis explores the human-sun relationship, from rituality to resource extraction. Georgia recently published an essay in Kunstlicht on Jasper Griepink’s performance piece Enter the Grove. 

Jasper Griepink
Artist Jasper Griepink (he/they) creates participatory performances, installations, research & words. They design sacred time and space and work with feelings, histories, and bodies for more information about their practice, motivations, and questions. Griepink is currently based in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands.