The Future of Intimacy

The Future of Intimacy

by Jeroen van Mastrigt

With the arrival of the smartphone, technology has finally entered our pants. Last summer, American Aaron Chervenak married his smartphone at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. During the ceremony, Chervenak said that the deepest and most enduring relationship he had was with his smartphone. She gives him solace, calms him down and puts him to sleep. Although the State of Nevada currently doesn’t legally recognise a marriage between man and technology, technophilia might well become a socially accepted phenomenon in the future. The combined rise of social media, dating apps, 360° interactive erotica, smart toys and robot companions inevitably leads to an actual mechanical bride just like Marshall McLuhan already envisioned in 1951. This kind of intimate technology poses fundamental philosophical questions about the future of human relationships and human nature. What defines an intimate relationship? Does it need you to literally expose yourself in the physical presence of some else? What does it mean to experience a form of technology-mediated intimacy that no longer requires physical proximity? Or that doesn’t require anybody else at all? Jeroen van Mastrigt takes you along on a journey through the fascinating landscape of intimacy and technology that is now emerging – from Tinder to tele-dildonics and from VR dating sims to robot lovers.

Where AA House, Klokgebouw Strijp S

When Saturday 21 October, 14.00 - 15.00 h

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