The Hmm @ 4 Locations

The Hmm @ 4 Locations

Toolkit for the Inbetween

Together with The Hmm and affect lab, MU experiments with hybrid cultural experiences and meaningful interactions between the physical and digital audience, thanks to the programme Innovatielabs. The knowledge gained will be shared in the Toolkit for the Inbetween, which offers practical tips on how to organise hybrid events. 

On Thursday 28 April at 20.00, The Hmm @ 4 Locations takes place. Join us online or come to MU, Impakt, Het Nieuwe Instituut or Waag, where the programme takes place simultaneously at four locations in four provinces.

In 1964, Marshall McLuhan wrote about the concept of the global village and that “we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned.” Almost sixty years later we’re still asking how different forms of media can bring us together across time and space, and tonight we want to explore just that. 

The idea for this hybrid format emerged during a conversation with live-ness researcher Esther Hammelburg. who questions the importance of being together in one place in order to create a sense of togetherness. This evening, we'll explore this topic. Various guests will shine their light on the topic, amongst others graphic designer Ananya Panda, designer Lulu van Dijck and NRC's meme editor Süeda Işık.

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The Hmm @ Real Feelings: hybrid event, last summer at MU