The miracle of Eindhoven

The miracle of Eindhoven

Saturday, February 16, 21.30 – 5.00 h, Paradiso, Amsterdam



The Miracle of Eindhoven is a festival which will be held in Amsterdam, and comprises lectures, performances, exhibitions, presentations, pop music, design, visual arts, documentaries and science. Spread out over various locations, this festival will be centred on the theme of Eindhoven as a creative biotope.


Together with STRP and TAC, MU will present a contemporary programme during the late-night Old Eindhoven Acid Party to be held in Paradiso’s ‘Kleine Zaal’, featuring Melvin the Mini Machine, Gijs Gieskes, Pieterjan Pieters, Broke crew (Ari/Dish/Piro) feat, Robob, Eindhoven sticker city, Odd One and a neon by Munne. Heyniek will create a new Foamboy.


Programme Kleine Zaal, Old Eindhoven Acid Party


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