With Josephine & Data Bosma, and Nadja Buttendorf

Josephine & Data Bosma on Computer Grrrls
Josephine and Data Bosma, mother and daughter, could be called two Dutch Computer Grrrls. The difference between them is in their generations and in their practices - Josephine has been a critical observer of and writer on digital culture for decades, while Data develops herself as a post-digital artist. For the first time, they will be together on stage, as they will discuss a selection of Computer Grrrls works from their perspectives and their personal experiences with digitality and cyber feminism.

Nadja Buttendorf: Robotron – a tech opera
Robotron, the first soap opera set in the computer industry of the GDR, retraces the development of computers in a planned economy and the everyday life in East Germany. The people-owned company (VEB) Kombinat Robotron was the largest computer manufacturer of the former GDR and one of the most important producers of information technology in socialist Eastern Europe. Technical production in the GDR was subject to special conditions due to the COCOM, the high-tech embargo of the western bloc and a planned economy. In this talk I‘ll trace a picture of East German computer technology along my artistic work.

Language: English

Program Thursday 19 September 2019
Open 19:30
Start 20:00

Online tickets: €7,50 / student €5. Tickets at the door (if available) €8,50 / student €6.
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