To be Continued

To be Continued

Nineties Production

Our digital age has accelerated life to no end. In nanoseconds, we can access anything we want to know, interact with anyone, and create new worlds. You might think we have gained control over time, but have we? On the one hand, technology is just a tool that we develop and manage ourselves; on the other hand, it has the impact of a force of nature.

By presenting 'To Be Continued', an audiovisual production with technology as the main role and without a single actor, theatre collective Nineties wants to get people thinking about how digitization and technology affect their perception of time. The moment you buy your ticket, you will meet the protagonist of this installation, a chatbot on Telegram in need of your input for its digital performance on site.

'To Be Continued' highlights how modern-day digital culture and technology affect our interactions with time and explores this through an on-site digital performance. The fusion of various digital media and technology creates an immersive time experience, set against music inspired by the world of interfaces, apps and preloaders. During the experience, the bot uses visuals to question the visitor's triangular relationship with technology and time. With this production, Nineties takes the next step in its creative journey by going beyond the theatre. For 'To Be Continued', Nineties joined forces with video artist Noralie, interactive design studio Moniker and musician/producer Philipp Thimm. For video artist Noralie, experiencing the production is like "taking digital psychedelics." 

Come experience ‘To be Continued’ by Nineties Productions on 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of June or 2nd, 6th or 7th of July. For this experience a smartphone with Telegram installed in mandatory. And the language of the experience is English. 

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The experience starts from the moment you buy the ticket!

Photo: Jitske Nap

Nineties produces theatre to make present-day practicalities less elusive. They forage new perspectives on our ever-changing world and the challenges we face. Nineties performances are perceptive and contemporary, playing with elements of visual art, digital media, literature, music and performance. In its never-ending search for novel theatrical forms to reflect on the current zeitgeist, Nineties creates performances both in the theatre and on location, offline and online, for packed venues and intimate groups, surrounded by cold concrete or lush red velvet on a meandering journey between highbrow and pop culture.

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Concept: Nineties, Noralie and studio Moniker

Directors: Yannick Noomen and Noortje van den Eijnde

Digital design and development: studio Moniker

Music: Philipp Johann Thimm

Scenography: Julian Maiwald

Technical producer: Bart van Bokhoven

Producer: Merel Hobrink

Creative producer: Vevi van der Vliet

Co-producers: studio Moniker, MU

Visuals: Stijn Stumpel

Marketing: Letice Braun

Press: Annabella Rijksen and Berber Stolte

‘To Be Continued’ is made possible by Cultuurloket DigitALL, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, BNG Fonds, Fonds

Podiumkunsten and Amsterdam fonds voor de kunsten.

Research around To Be Continued is part of the

This is an Innovation Labs project in which MU collaborates
with affect lab and The Hmm.
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