Workshop Woman for a day

Workshop Woman for a day


How does it feel to live as a woman, and what would this involve? Who is your inner drag queen? Fancy, smart, austere?

Discover who you are or want to be under the inspiring leadership of Eindhoven’s drag queen Danny Cordromp and his alter ego, (Duchess Victoria van der Zuyden of Eckhardt). Together with Danny, you will go looking for your feminine side or perhaps even your alter-ego. Danny teaches you how let your inner woman out.

This workshop is more than just a fun costume party. You will discover unexpected sides of yourself and each other, that you can apply to your life, not only in drag, also to yourself as you are.

This workshop will be given in Dutch.

More information about Danny en Hertogin Victoria.

Practical Information
Where: MU | Strijp S, Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven
When: Sunday, July 6th, 1pm - 5pm
Bring your own: Bring your own (female) clothes, wig, bra, shoes and accessories, eg tights when you go for a skirt.

Danny will have makeup, blush, eye shadow, fake lashes, filling for your bra and binding tape on hand.

Cost: 10 euros, payable in cash on arrival.

Along with this workshop, you will also find 'Man for a Day' taking place, led by Louis(e) DeVille, and at the Ketelhuisplein, music and food festival Versche Vangst. An ideal opportunity to move around an anonymous crowd, for once, as a woman.

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