BAD Award 2022: first selection announced!

BAD Award 2022: first selection announced!

Over the last weeks, we received a great amount of applications for the BAD Award Open Call 2022. We were excited to read so many high-quality, innovative, and creative ideas!

In the previous days, a selection of 16 applicants was made by representatives of the BAD Award partner organizations (BioArt Laboratories, Dutch Design Foundation, MU Hybrid Art House, Next Nature, St. Joost School of Art & Design). 

Individually, all members of the selection committee graded the proposals on three aspects: quality of the artist/designer’s portfolio and CV, quality of the idea (originality and feasibility), and the likelihood of finding a match with one of the research groups. 

With these results as the backbone for further in-depth conversation on all applications, they chose 16 proposals.

16 selected proposals 

The 16 selected proposals that are invited for the matchmaking event on Friday 8 April between 13.00 en 18.00 at Evoluon, Noord Brabantlaan 1A in Eindhoven, are:

- Kuang-Yi Ku (Taiwan/Netherlands) - Filthy Anatomy
- Marlot Meyer (Netherlands) - Hacking Heuristics
- Paula Kaori Nishijima (Brazil/Netherlands)- The lines in-between the big and the small
- Mariana Marangoni (Brazil/Netherlands) - Urpflanze – Tree morphology as a programming language
- Minji Choi (Korea) - Denied Flourish
- Y2K (Youyang Hu & Chiao-Chi Chou) (Taiwan / China) - Computable and Augmented Perception through Bio-signals
- Rae Yuping Hsu (Taiwan/USA) - Feline Intelligence
- Nonhuman Nonsense (Linnea Vaglund, Leo Fidjeland, Filips Sta?islavskis) (Germany) - - Bodies of water in transitional zones
- Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir (Iceland/Netherlands) - Transition Zones
- Dominik Einfalt (Austria) -
- Rebecca Schedler (Germany/Netherlands) - As Above, So Below
- Pleun van Dijk & Fred Erik (Netherlands) - The Body Garden 2.0
- Ottonie von Roeder & Anastasia Eggers (Germany/Netherlands) - Zouttuin
- Jasper Zehetgruber (Germany/UK) - Analog Anthology
- Valerio Di Giannantonio (Italy) - Unseen Lines
- Ege Savas & Edward Thomas Jones (UK / Turkey) - Skeletal Biogenesis: cross species manufacturing

The 16 artists/designers mentioned above will receive further information by email in the coming days. On 12 April, the successful matches (artist/designer and scientist) will be announced, and, the three winners of the BAD Award 2022 will be chosen on 1 June. 

All other applicants we want to thank for their effort and great ideas. With the BAD Award we are working on a strong network of designers/artists and scientists who like to collaborate. That's why we hope that even if you did not get selected this time, you will stay involved and feel welcome at all BAD related events.

Keep an eye on the BAD website and our socials @bad__award for the latest news and updates! And of course, we hope you will be just as enthusiastic for our next open call in December 2022.