Funeral for Digital Data inside WOMBTOMBS exhibition

Funeral for Digital Data inside WOMBTOMBS exhibition

When was the last time you experienced loss for digital data?

On the last afternoon of WOMBTOMBS, on Sunday June 16 from 14.00 onwards, MU Hybrid Art House invites artists Ginevra Petrozzi and Cecilia Casabona to stage one of their Funerals for Digital Data. With this performance they re-enchant and restore our relationship with the internet and technology by critically addressing loss and grief in the digital age. Drawing on traditions in death rituals and mourning rites, they activate a material installation to become a place for ceremony and retreat, in which Data can be grieved and digital devices can be mourned.  A place where machines need blessings just as much as humans. For this the WOMBTOMBS swaddle space will be turned into a temporary shrine for Data loss.

In a realm soaked in personal digital information, that sometimes represents even the essence of what we are, we are now facing the new, scary thought that we may lose everything altogether. This possibility comes with new feelings, new systems of relationships formed between us and our digital selves which are not fully acknowledged, nor ritualised. As well as in the physical world, the occurrence of digital death - of users or their data - has implications beyond the individual’s lifespan and personal control. 

Funeral for Digital Data is a series of performance as part of the on-going research initiated by DAE-alumni Cecilia Casabona and Ginevra Petrozzi. The research will soon become a publication published by Onomatopee, titled DEATH-DATA-DESIGN. 

Sunday June 16 | 14:00  onwards