W(here!)? by FAUXBIA Collective x MU

W(here!)? by FAUXBIA Collective x MU

Exploring the transformative power of migration through the lens of eight young international designers.

On May 16 and June 6, FAUXBIA Collective presents eight designers with non-EU backgrounds. Their performative narration W(here!)? reflects on a shared narrative, questioning ‘What is left behind?’ 

The performance creates a sonic anthology by mixing repeating voices and echoing sounds. Within the silent moments, the audience resonates and confronts their displacement. As they traverse between continents, their identities shape-shift to start the transformation.

Some things are intentionally left behind, while others are separated without notice. Transitioning into the Netherlands mirrors this experience – their stories migrate along with their bodies as they choose to protect and manipulate them. They initiate a personal dialogue between then and now, here and there.

Afterwards, a programmed talk will conclude the event with an open conversation around migration, transience, and mutation. Members of the collective will share the challenges of resettling and its ambivalent steps.

Session will be held in English. 

This even is free for non-Dutch passport holders!

Thursday 16 May | Start: 16:15 | You can reserve your tickets here

Thursday 6 June | Start: 20:00 | You can reserve your tickets here