Comment on the ways in which high and low culture get in touch with each other world-wide.

August 30 until September 28, 2003

Opening Friday August 29, 20.00h

Betamaxxx is Nanda, Rocs, PhetOne, Baschz and Crackrock. Five young artists, living and working in Eindhoven, who all followed a study programme in one of the art academies in Brabant. They met in the Eindhoven underground scene of music, art and street culture. Pursuing a personal development within the framework of their respective disciplines, they used to come across each other increasingly more often during group projects. It was after one of these projects (De Verrassing/The Surprise, early 2000 in Galerie Peninsula in Eindhoven) that Baschz and Crackrock founded Betamaxxx. In later projects, Nanda, PhetOne and Rocs quite organically reinforced the increasingly more powerful art collective with their individual contributions.

Working method
Characteristic of Betamaxxx’ working method is the deployment of any conceivable medium or platform that could serve their purpose. Through a mix of humour, playfulness, obscure philosophical-religious concepts and a direct in-your-face approach, Betamaxxx manages to create a world in which the spectator is swept along on a critical but mind-boggling trip through contemporary mass culture.
Apart from the instances of this approach presented on their much frequented web site, there are the much-praised two- and three-dimensional intercontinental inner urban interventions and the various installations put on display by Betamaxxx in several places. In the past couple of years, Betamaxxx has grown substantially and is now ready for a larger public. The project in MU is an opportunity to bring together everything Betamaxxx is concerned with.

For the MU exhibition CA$HRULEZ, Betamaxxx will combine the diversity of media and products they frequently use, on four levels into one big spectacle. As to design, the spectacle is a mix of a Nintendo Super Mario video game, a mutant fairground attraction, a botanical garden, an inner urban construction site and an enjoyable exhibition.
The title CA$HRULEZ is a comment on and a reference to the ways in which nowadays representatives of high and low culture and many manufacturers of mass consumption goods get in touch with each other world-wide.

The four levels are subdivided into a shooting gallery (Adopt or kiLLL subhuman wildstyle shooting range), a ball bath cum altar (The official Boom_boxxx a baLLLz temple aka the church of Beta), a bookcase (Book secret book fanatic book bookstore) and a world dedicated to all aspects of silk-screening (Island xxx biotope_printshop).