COMING UP: Talent Tours

COMING UP: Talent Tours

Creative Industries Fund NL presents design talent 2020

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18 September - 22 November

Every year, emerging design talents active in the fields of design, architecture and digital culture are given the opportunity to develop themselves optimally in artistic and professional terms, thanks to a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. The 2020 crop of talents has now been visualized in one-minute film portraits. These portraits can be seen from 18 September to 22 November in the 'Talent Tours' exhibition at MU, Strijp-S Eindhoven.

Talent Tours provides insight into the thinking and practice of 39 emerging design talents, each of whom is concerned with topical social themes. What are their motives, their doubts and ambitions, and what values do they put first in their work? Angelique Spaninks, chair of the Talent Development grant programme advisory committee: 'Talent does not live in a vacuum; it relates to the world, allows itself to be inspired and rebels, finds its own focus and knows how to translate and express it. This is the only way to make a professional contribution to the field, and for a young maker to create a meaningful position for themselves in the work field.'

Social designer and bio-artist Kuang-Yi Ku, for example, outlines oppressive future scenarios in which he confronts the public with the question of what is still acceptable when it comes to the influence of medical science on our lives. Marwan Magroun made a photo series and film in which he wants to refute the stigma that rests on fathers with a migrant background. And Milou Voorwinden is conducting research into 3D weaving: a technique that can bring about a considerable increase in sustainability in the fashion industry.

Talent Tours presents
Alvin ArthurAnna FinkArvand PourabbasiChiara DorbolòCream on ChromeGilles de BrockGiorgio ToppinJing HeJuliette LizotteKasia NowakKuang-Yi KuLieselot ElzingaMarco Federico CagnoniMark HenningMarwan MagrounMaxime BenvenutoMillonaliuMilou VoorwindenMinji ChoiMirte van LaarhovenNadine BothaNastia CistakovaNikola KnezevicOttonie von RoederparadymePost NeonRosita KærSae HondaSaïd KinosSeokyung KimSissel Marie TonnSuk GoTelemagicTereza RullerThor ter KulveTijs GildeTomo KiharaWard Goes en Yavez Anthonio.

Practical information exhibition
Title: Talent Tours. Presentation of talent by the Creative Industries Fund NL
Date: 18 September to 22 November 2020
Times: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-17.00, and Sunday 13.00-17.00.
Location: MU Hybrid Art House

Events during Dutch Design Week
During Dutch Design Week, the exhibition will be given an extra layer: the talents will present themselves to the public in an unexpected way. Keep an eye on the website of the Creative Industries Fund NL for more info about the programme, which includes performances, lectures, workshops and talks. 

Platform Talent
Besides at MU, the 39 film portraits can also be seen on Talent Platform. This online platform provides an overview of all the talents who have been supported by the Talent Development Grant Programme since 2013. The platform can be followed at