Designers Present 2001

Designers Present 2001

Designers Present

17 oktober t/m 21 oktober 2001

Concurrently with the first Eindhoven edition of the annual Graduation Show of the Design Academy in De Witte Dame, the exhibition Designers Present took place in MU, featuring the products, concepts, lifestyles, trends and brands of thirty Dutch designers, some of whom graduated from the Design Academy in earlier years. The visitors to the exhibition could under one roof familiarise themselves with the work of a new crop of designers and work of the exponents of the generation before them. The interconnective presentation created an in-depth view of contemporary design and the social commitment of the professional group.

Designers Present is an initiative of Simone de Waart (Vormgevers Overleg Eindhoven), Eduard Sweep (Galerie Yksi) and Miriam van der Lubbe. In order to meet the increasing interest in designer's products, they have established a presentation platform aiming at offering designers, manufacturers and importers the opportunity to present themselves in Eindhoven in a recurring, nationally oriented manifestation. Designers Present was the first edition of a manifestation which will over the years develop into a mature presentation, manifesting itself at various places in the city.

For Design Present 2001 Ingeborg de Roode, curator Industrial Design in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, chose from a list of nominees.

Bas Kortmann, Ben Oostrum, Catsign, Chequita Nahar, Dick van Hoff, Dumoffice, Eichenberg / Bodewits, Erwin Keen, Hélène Dashorst, Hella Jongerius, Hester van Eeghen, Ineke Hans, Jacob de Baan, Jan Melis, Jeroen Vinken, Lama Concep, Loods 5 ontwerpers, Marc de Vree, Margit Seland, Marjet Wessels Boer, Miriam van der Lubbe, Niels van Eijk, Ontwerpersgroep Yksi, Richard Hutten, Sale Products, Studio Job, Studio Riezebos, Ted Noten, Yvanka Linders, Yvette Lardinois.