Designers Present 2003

Designers Present 2003

The Need of Things

October 10 until October 21, 2003

Opening Friday October 10, 20.00h

Twenty Dutch designers invited by fellow designers from different design disciplines to take part in an exhibition. Departing from this concept, Design Platform Eindhoven has organised the third edition of Designers Present in MU in De Witte Dame. The exhibition is presented as part of the Week van het Ontwerp (Week of Design).

Dutch design is booming. From New York to Tokyo, the appreciation and interest for the mentality of the Dutch as professional designers have been increasing steadily. Dutch designers were the talk of the town at well-known housing, interior design and furniture trade fairs in Milan, Courtrai and Cologne. Despite the international recognition, it was difficult for these young designers to find a platform in the Netherlands to introduce themselves to a large public, to fellow designers and to the press. Three years ago, this need for a platform led to the launch of Designers Present. After the overwhelming success of Designers Present 2001 and 2002, it was decided to turn the show into an annual event based on innovative concepts.

This year, the selection of the participants was carried out by designers who nominated fellow designers from different design disciplines on the merits of their work, which resulted in a presentation of designs showing great social relevance, a unique application of materials or an innovative way of thinking. Each nominated designer, in his turn, selected another designer. This procedure has led to an interesting and varied selection of participants, a list of names that came as a surprise to the initiators themselves. Apart from product designers, the current show also introduces designers in the field of interior design, lighting, accessories, fashion and ceramics.
Parallel to Designers Present, De Witte Dame presents the Graduation Show, an exhibition featuring works by the graduates of the Design Academy. A dual ticket gives access to both events at a reduced price. In the past years, the combined presentation of the two shows proved to be very successful, attracting thousands of visitors.

Designers Present is an initiative of
Design Platform Eindhoven, designers group YKSI and designer Miriam van der Lubbe.

Maxime Ansiau, Bob Copray, Eibert Draisma, Madieke Fleuren, Thera Hillenaar, Miriam van der Lubbe, Anthony Kleinepier, Maurer United Architects, Ferry Meewisse, Laura de Monchy, Eelko Moorer, Gregoire Pousset, Floris Schoonderbeek, Wieki Somers, Spijker en Splinter, Maike Thönissen, T.T.T. Vo, Jesse Visser, VollaersZwart, Ontwerpersgroep YKSI