Designers Present 2004

Designers Present 2004

Designers Present

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October 16 until October 26, 2004

From October 16 through October 26, MU will host the fourth annual Designers Present show in De Witte Dame in Eindhoven.

This annual exhibition, which is part of Design Week 2004, is a comprehensive representation of contemporary Dutch design. In the show, young Dutch designers will present the developments in industrial and conceptual design. This fourth edition of Designers Present is focussed on the differences and similarities between industrial design and autonomous design. 


Ida van Zijl, curator industrial design at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, selected the Dutch designers and design firms participating in Designers Present 2004. The exhibition presents autonomous and industrial design. During the show, a number of designers who are familiar with both aspects of the design profession will be present. Designers Present 2004 is a unique presentation combining actual design products and their underpinning ideas and inspirational sources. As such, the show allows viewers to get a clear understanding of the differences and similarities that play a role in the realization process of a product.


Designers Present 2004 aims at familiarizing design lovers, designers, manufacturers and the press with the diversity, professionalism and the great impact of Dutch design. The exhibition addresses a broad public of design-oriented people. During the exhibition, an informative reader will be published containing explanatory contributions on the exhibition from Ida van Zijl and the participating designers.


During Design Week (October 16 through October 26), Eindhoven will be entirely dedicated to design, with numerous exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and meetings. De Witte Dame is selected to be the central venue for all activities taking place in this week, and will also host the Graduation Show of the Design Academy.


WAAC’s, Christel Verhoeven, Toya Verberne, Chris Kabel, Maarten Baas, Richard Hutten, Felieke van der Leest, Khodi Feiz, Gijs Bakker, Nicolette Brunklaus, NPK, Frank Tjepkema, Job Smeets, Studio Parade