E + (Eindhoven 2000+)

E + (Eindhoven 2000+)

E +

June 16 until July 14, 2000

Opening Friday July 16, 20.00h

The project E+ is an initiative of the committee government-trade and industry chaired by Rein Welschen, mayor of Eindhoven. E+ was realised by Philips Design in collaboration with the TUE, the Design Academy, MU and the Van Abbemuseum. The following institutes were involved in the organisation and funding of the project: the city of Eindhoven, the Ministry for Housing, Regional Development and the Environment, the Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, NVOB and SSEW. Philips Design invited the widely acclaimed architects/designers Alessandro Mendini, Peter Eisenman and Andrea Branzi to organise a number
of workshops together with a group of young Dutch artists, designers and architects selected by MU, the Design Academy and the Van Abbemuseum. Each of the 'maestros' was assigned the task of studying a specific part of the city. Branzi together with Ralph Brodruck, Laurens Kolks, Jan Konings and Sonja de Jong carried out a study of the Philips complex Strijp. Eisenman conceptualised a plan for the Stationsomgeving/Fuutlaan (Surrounding Central Station/Fuutlaan) in collaboration with Tom Frantzen, Q.S. Serafijn, Lucien Tinga and Cees Donkers. Mendini investigated together with Jeanne van Heeswijk, Ester van der Wiel, Jan Kapsenberg and Herman Kerkdijk the situation at the Ringweg (the ring road). The plans, ideas, thoughts and dreams brought forth by these mental processes were published in a book designed by Studio De Wal. The content of the book was converted into a presentation, which was on display in MU between June 13 and July 14. The manifestation was brought to the attention of the public by means of nine pieces of canvass measuring 6 x 3 metres, which were commissioned by MU and hung from the facade in the Midden Motief of De Witte Dame. This free and media-like application of images was designed by DEPT.
In the Openbare Bibliotheek (Public Library) in De Witte Dame a number of computers were set up to show the originals of the work produced by the participants during and after the workshops. The TUE commissioned Peter Eisenman to do a follow-up of the study for the Stationsomgeving/Fuutlaan. This study, which was carried out together with 12 TUE students, resulted in a full-scale maquette, first presented in MU and at a later date in the reception hall of the Stadskantoor (municipal office). The project E + was concluded by a public debate in MU.

Alessandro Mendini, Peter Eisenman, Andrea Branzi, Tom Frantzen, Q.S. Serafijn, Lucien Tinga, Cees Donkers, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Ester van der Wiel, Jan Kapsenberg, Herman Kerkdijk