EARTHSHRINE: Sensing Sacred Soils

EARTHSHRINE: Sensing Sacred Soils

Jasper Griepink

The lush touch of earth; the taste, the smell of dirt before it was dirty. Sensing beyond the prophecies of doom (rising seas, exhaustion, extinction), art-bard and modern-day druid Jasper Griepink evokes a faerie-futuristic world of fertile soil that nurtures and sustains us. 

In a time somewhen, a spacecraft will once have landed, or is it perhaps preparing to take off elsewhere? Inside the murky and dark underground spaces of MU, this space-vessel forms a mythic nucleus for eco-logical research; the creation of new stories, songs, exchange and contemplation. How can we re-enchant the earth, re-spirit the soil, invite the sacred back into the land? 

Enter the EARTHSHRINE at MU from 13 May till 26 June, participate in rituals and performances during three special events, or just be present at this proposed rekindling of natural reverence.

Thursday 26 May | Temple-Talk: Is Soil Sacred?
Sunday 29 May | Prayer-performance: EARTH FUNGUS BLESSING
Saturday 11 June | STONEORGY Earth Rave

In the summer of 2020, Jasper Griepink turned MU's space into a virtual grove. As a hybrid between musical druid and nature priest, Griepink performed the narrative D E E P S O I L x S T O N E O R G Y in collaboration with musician Giek_1. They guided us on a collective world building journey in which our feeling, imagination, breath and attentive ears helped generate the reality.

Mondriaan Fonds
Artist Assistent: Michal Dawid

Spatial Installation
Photography w/ Kyle Tryhorn
Scentography w/ Merle Bergers
Spatial elements w/ Alex Zeta, Jacob Kok, Karen Huang, Michal Dawid
Production: MU

Director: Jasper Griepink
DOP: Konstantin Guz
Edit: Igor Lorok 
Constume: Jacob Kok
MUA: Kostas Kharlamov
Music: Jasper Griepink + Giek_1
Performers: Jasper Griepink, Giek_1