Eindhoven SUPERvillage

Eindhoven SUPERvillage

Urban Affairs & Urban Scape

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May 23 - June 29, 2008

It is the city of Eindhoven’s ambition to compete as Brainport Eindhoven with other knowledge regions in Europe and the rest of the world. Many Dutch people may have warm feelings for the Brabant landscape, yet such a competitive position is not that self-evident at all. Biochemistry and urbanization have gobbled up large parts of the Van Gogh country side.


To attract knowledge workers and companies to the Brabant Brainport, large investments have to be made in landscape development and pleasurable living conditions.

Quality of life, that’s what a Brainport is about. Therefore, Eindhoven should not try to match up to the qualities of historical cities in the neigbourhood, but exploit its own strengths to the full. The region is easily accessible, the cities are ruralized and the villages urbanized. While the image of Eindhoven as a highly dynamic city is still a pipe dream, the Brainport as SUPERvillage is within easy reach. At least, that’s what the studios Urban Affairs and Urban Scape are presenting us in their vision for 2030.


This exhibition is organized by Architectuur Centrum Eindhoven (ACE).