Fly With Me On My Carpet

Fly With Me On My Carpet

Photodocumentary of Turkish homes

April 13 until May 20, 2001

Opening Friday April 13, 20.00h

In the project Fly With Me On My Carpet, the photographer Giti Entezami investigates the interiors and exteriors of the houses inhabited by Turkish families in the Netherlands and in Turkey.

In a series of photos, she records the different living conditions after the move from the Turkish countryside to a city in the Netherlands. The photo project is a visualisation of the cultural identity of the first generation of Turkish migrants, representing the changes in their life patterns brought about by the emigration to the Netherlands. Slowly the process of interculturisation emerges as the parallels and differences in the lifestyles of Dutch Turks and Turkish Turks unfold. Giti Entezami, who was born in Iran in 1950, took refuge in Turkey in 1979. In 1990 she settled in the Netherlands to follow a professional training in photography. Since 1997 she has been working as a free-lance photographer.

Fly With Me On My Carpet is Entezami's first comprehensive solo exhibition. The exhibition presented 35 colour photos of 120 x 140 cms, hanging free in the exhibition hall over a field of Turkish carpets. Walking through the exhibition, the visitors were struck by the fact that, perhaps against all expectations, the changes in the interiors consisted of minor details. Often, the only indication that the photo was made in the Netherlands was the presence of the odd jar of jam, a botle of Albert Heijn shampoo or an electric water kettle. Far more revealing than the interiors was the direct and self-assured expression in the eyes of the Dutch-Turkish families confronted with the camera. It goes without saying that the Turkish society showed a lively interest in the exhibition.