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for those who live in it

Popculture politics and strong voices

photography: Peter Sutherland

Afterparty after the opening starting at 24h . With dj's: Moleke Mbembe, Spoek Mathambo & Richard tha Third. Gather at MU.

Athi-Patra Ruga - Gugulective - Spoek Mathambo & Richard Tha Third - Kudzanai 'Kudzi' Chiurai - Musa Nxumalo - Zanele Muholi - Anton Kannemeyer of Bitterkomix - Faith47 & Rowan Pybus - Love and hate - Chimurenga

This summer MU has it’s focus on the urban and dynamic pop culture and contemporary art of South Africa. ...for those who live in it, Pop-culture politics and strong voices is the title of a project that will bring recent and new works of ten South African artists to the Netherlands. Works that, without exception and almost comprehensibly breathe urge and engagement. Works that also connect strongly to society.

Africa is, after all, the continent with the youngest population in the world. The generation of young artists now emerging in South-Africa and making a name for itself, is the first generation that has grown up and started it’s own artpractice after apartheid. These artists are very aware of this, and are emphatically searching for their own way to express the political and social implications of this in their work. Some of them make bold political statements, sharp satire or choose for outspoken actvism. Others conciously keep far from politics, but in the polarised reality of South-Africa even that almost seems like a political choice.

Due to the Football World Cup, which will be held in South Africa around the same time, major brands such as Nike, Coca Cola and Sony have become an integral part of the South-African street scene. ...for those who live in it aims to provide an alternative, contrasting perspective, by showing us a broad palette of unorthodox, dynamic expressions at the interface of contemporary art and pop culture, particularly in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
...for those who live in it is aimed at exploring, and showing in an experimental manner, the hugely variegated contemporaneous alternative culture of South Africa; from fashion, comics and electro in Cape Town to street art, performance and afro-punk kidz in Johannesburg.

Friday June 4:
Linked to the exhibition there will be a filmscreening on friday june 4 starting at 8pm in which amongst others the documentaries Biko's Children and Fokofpolisiekar will be on view.

Friday June 18:
On friday june 18 the internationally acclaimed South-African critic Sue Williamson, author of the recently published book South-African Art Now, will put ...for those who live in it in the broad context of contemporary art and popculture in South-Africa.