18 young artists from Eindhoven present their work in MU and De Krabbedans

May 31 until July 6, 2002

Opening Friday May 31

Due to the presence of the Design Academy and the TUE in Eindhoven and the absence of an academy of Fine Arts, designers and architects are over-represented in proportion to visual artists. Yet, Eindhoven can pride itself on a large number of remarkable and fascinating artists whose work has often been on display both in the Netherlands and abroad. MU and De Krabbedans have now joined forces and appointed one specific period of time to introduce the public to recent developments in the Eindhoven art world. From May 31 through July 6, 2002, four shows will be organised featuring the work of 18 young artists from Eindhoven.

In four shows entitled HIER, MU and De Krabbedans present works of the two youngest generations of Eindhoven artists.
The selection of the artists and the set-up of the shows in MU and De Krabbedans are a joint effort of the two art institutes. There is no specific reason for an artist to be presented in MU or in De Krabbedans: the shows should be understood as complementary and interchangeable. The two art institutes have aimed at wide-ranging shows including paintings, photos, graphic art, video art and installations. All participating artists have been invited to create new work for the purpose of HIER.

Each of the four shows will run for a period of two weeks. Instead of one extensive group exhibition in which each participating artist could show no more than two or three artworks, the art institutes have deliberately opted for short-term shows featuring several artworks of four to five artists at a time, which obviously does more justice to the artworks. The link between two locations in De Witte Dame calls forth a synthesis of publicity and public. HIER exemplifies the impact a building such as De Witte Dame can have in the realisation of a multivalent co-production


On Saturday, June 1, De Fabriek will organise within the scope of HIER, an evening of performances and acts by 14 artists from Eindhoven. The Fabriek will issue a separate press release about this event. For more information, please contact Yvonne Hamstra, tel.040-2551530.

Phoebe Maas, Charles van Otterdijk, Rogier Wlrecht, Esther Tielemans, Mari Reijnders, Kim Muis, Aaron van Erp, Space 3, Leroy van Lieshout, Michel Boekhoudt, Marijke Spekman, Femke de Roos, Baschz, Olga Mink, Nanda Smits, Ingrid Simons, Thomas Schats, Wyger Noord