Young Art from North-Brabant.

An initiative of MU and KOP.

A psychedelic print with sound effects, an analogue TV animation, a carrousel full of images, an architectural dream, typographical reflections and a painted-over short-fronted farmhouse. A random sample of what will be on view this summer during the exhibition HIER&DAAR.
At the invitation of MU and KOP, 20 promising artists and designers from Breda and Eindhoven, all born after 1970, show new work in two groups both in Eindhoven and in Breda. Brabant-wide, so to say.

There is between MU and KOP a feeling of kinship that expresses itself in the hybrid way in which they perceive the art world. The motto is: quality in imagination, diversity in media and disciplines, and an open collaboration with promising young artists. There is absolutely no curatorial straitjacket. HIER&DAAR encourages artists to achieve on a modest working budget a professional presentation in the two most exciting art spaces of Brabant.

HIER&DAAR also represents the first step of two medium-sized art institutes in making an initial open-collaboration contribution to the Brabant ambitions to become Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. In the coming years, it will be easy for other parties from the various BrabantSteden (BrabantCities) to link up with this initiative and in a few triple jumps present a sample of the rich cultural humus of the provinces in the Southern Netherlands.

The artists whose new work is first shown in MU are:
Sven Fritz
Ajla Steinvag
Studio Smack
Evelien Lohbeck
Rop van Mierlo
Michiel van der Zanden
Marjolijn de Wit
Joost Krijnen
Gijs Gieskes
Lilia Scheerder

The artists whose new work is first shown in KOP are:
Tijs Rooijakkers
Danny Scholtze
Willem Claassen
Liesbeth Verhoeven
Erik Vermeulen
Renee van Trier
Antoine Stemerding
Timon van der Hijden
Tom Verbruggen

Jonge kunst uit Brabant / Young Art from Brabant
25/06 – 23/08
MU, Eindhoven
KOP, Breda

Opening Part 1:
KOP, Breda
Thursday 25/06 08.00 pm

MU, Eindhoven
Friday 26/06 08.00 pm

Part 1 runs through Sunday 19 July; after that the groups change location.

Opening Part 2:
Saturday 25 July; 11.00 am – 05.00 pm
There is a bus connection between Breda and Eindhoven (vv).
Part 2 runs through Sunday 23 August

KOP, Breda
Sunday 23/08 04.00 pm
The celebratory finissage with performances and bbq takes place at KOP on this Sunday afternoon at 04.00 pm onwards.

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