MOVE ! Body Politics in Motion

MOVE ! Body Politics in Motion

8 July - 18 September 2022

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8 July - 18 September 2022


Friday 8 juli from 20.00

5,- incl 1 drink


Sunday 18 September 2022

Those who dance move and those who move change. Everyone who dances sets the world around them in motion and expresses what moves them. Dancing together is a source of energy and release, pleasure and protest.

With MOVE ! Body Politics in Motion, MU zooms in on the liberating power of the dancing body. From rave to ballroom, from peepshow to festival, from TikTok to street parade; how and where we dance contributes to who we are. From young to old, alone at home in front of the mirror or all dressed up out there and everything in between. 

Dancing is a universal ritual of all times, a dynamic expression of identity, a physical manifestation that is both vulnerable and extremely strong. Movement speaks the non-verbal language of rhythm and emotion. Especially in times of radical changes and major crises, dance can allow our bodies to speak in all their unity and diversity.

MOVE ! shows installations and (video) work by Albert van Abbe & Brad Downey, Chiara Baldini & Rafael Kozdron, Bogomir Doringer, Bart Hess, Kiki House of Angels, Anouk Kruithof, Jess Oberlin, Naja Orashvili & Giorgi Kikonishvili and Maggie Saunders. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between MU and Plasma / Jess Oberlin
Campaign image by Bart Hess. Type + design by HeyHeydeHaas