MU goes Milan MU goes Milan MU goes Milan MU goes Milan

MU goes Milan

Location: Ventura Lambrate, Via Privata Oslavia 8, 20134 Milan, Italy
General Opening: Times, Tuesday 17 – Sunday 22 April, 10h00 - 20h00,
Open Evening: Wednesday 18 April, 20h00 - 22h00


In recent years, MU has given a few prominent Eindhovense designers the opportunity to develop projects that deserve to be seen much further afield than their hometown. And where better to present these projects than the venue of the annual gathering of the world of design: the Salone di Mobile in Milan.


MU Goes Milan, taking along six different works by four designers/collectives. In the past two years, HeyHeyHey, Lucas Maassen, Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters and Raw Color developed works that were for the greater part commissioned by MU and could already be seen separately at MU, sometimes in a more extensive form.


HeyHeyHey recently developed a travel version of the legendary Melvin the Mixed Media Machine. This spectacular Rube Goldberg, with Twitter and Facebook account, already charmed some 14000 people at MU during the Dutch Design Week 2010 and then, registered on film, became an outright internet hit with 80000 fans. Melvin the Mini Machine is another Rube Goldberg, which consists of two old trunks jam-packed with various objects. All these objects work together to reach the same goal: the signing and preparing of a picture postcard for the mail.


Raw Color and Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters will present Temporary Trees, a series of six photos and a video out of which they made an evocative and far from static analysis of the essence of the phenomenon of tree. These Temporary Trees were commissioned by MU during the Year of Forests 2011. And in cooperation with Make A Forest, this work was exhibited in the temporary Wild-S pavilion at Strijp-S.


D/STRUCT by Raw Color and Lucas Maassen will also join the Milan party. This post-digital installation and website was developed in the context of the MU exhibition After the Bit Rush. D/STRUCT is an upload project in which common-or-garden plastic products are committed to the digital domain in the form of 3D scanned models. The products themselves are pulverised and packed in small bags. The models live on on the internet and can be printed again at any desired moment.


In Milan Lucas Maassen will also first present his Lucas Maassen & Sons Furniture Factory live to the audience. For this project he puts his three under-age sons to work. They paint the hand-made pieces of furniture for 1 Euro a piece and, in compliance with the law on working hours for children, work for no more than 3 hours a week. The ‘speed’ of the production process, the dimensions of the furniture and the young craftsmen therefore determine the end result and the typical LM&S aesthetic.


As their second contribution, Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters will present Waddenzee-Eb (Wadden Sea Low Tide). This work is part of a series that portrays this inland sea in the north of the Netherlands. Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters imitates the unique tide of this area by translating this into a production technique. At each low tide, large sandbanks and wetlands are uncovered, and the sea temporarily becomes land. Every time the tide brings in and takes out clay and sand, a new landscape seems to emerge. Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters made a mould for a plate and applied a layer of cobalt glazing to this. Every time clay is poured into the mould to make a plate, part of the glazing comes loose. In this way, not only are the plates already glazed in the mould, but their colour also becomes lighter and lighter. In Milan, a new series of plates will be shown accompanied by a film of the process.


As well as D/STRUCT and the Temporary Trees, Raw Color will also present a solo project: Liquid Palette (2010). A metal cabinet contains 130 jam jars filled with pure and mixed pigments derived from vegetables. This project is aimed at showing the liquid condition of colour before it becomes fixated on paper or textile. Transparency and volume are important elements.


In collaboration with the participating designers, MU has developed a new total presentation of the above-mentioned works, which will be exhibited in an industrial building of Ventura Lambrata.