Showing a montage of 3 live performances, installation and a collection of prints

May 1 until May 29, 2004

Opening Friday May 1, 20.00h

Telcosystems is a duo formed by Gideon Kiers and Lucas van der Velden. Lucas van der Velden, born in Eindhoven in 1976, has been living and working in Rotterdam for a couple of years now. Gideon Kiers, born in Amsterdam, has recently moved to Rotterdam where he also works. Both studied at the Interfaculty Image and Sound of the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in the Hague. After their studies, they founded Telcosystems at the end of 2001. The hallmark of Telcosystems’ work is a lucid, abstract and restrained aesthetics closely related to the computer technology through which the work is generated. The entirely abstract images represent virtual worlds which develop along the lines programmed by Telcosystems. Among the many events at which Van der Velden and Kiers performed are the Transmedial Festival in Berlin, the Airwave Festival in Reijkjavik, the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Ctrl-alt-delete in Maastricht and De Appel in Amsterdam during the recent Museumnacht. Kiers and Van der Velden, initiators of 0010, minuszero, D:U:M:B, DLF, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and many more, are also closely involved in the annual Sonic Acts Festival in Paradiso.

In MU, Telcosystems presents a number of new works under the name NO DEFAULT. In a projection room, Sessions.03.rev.02, Harsh.extended and Telco.dust.01 are shown in a life-size representation. Sessions.03rev.02 (DVD – 09.45 minutes) is a new interpretation of a montage of live performances carried out by Telcosystems in 2003. Harsh.extended (DVD – 10.20 minutes) consists of computer-generated sounds and images derived from an audiovisual composition made by Telcosystems for the dance performance ‘harsh’ by stddanceco. Telco.dust.01 (DVD – 15.45 minutes) is a new project in which generative audiovisual systems visualize the development and cyclical movements of sandstorms. This work is the introduction to a more extensive project involving the investigation of desert areas. 

In addition to these three DVDs, the installation FF0066 FFCC00 00CCFF will be shown on three monitors. This installation is a generative triptych of rhythmic patterns derived from date and time; simple geometric forms and sounds in a recursive and endless composition. The third part of the exhibition NO DEFAULT is a collection of prints entitled Reconstructions 04092003. This is the first time that Telcosystems is active in the field of non-moving imagery.