Scenes of Modernity Europe

November 8 until December 6, 2001

Opening Friday 8, 20.00h

Jos Bosman, university lecturer at the TU/e, was the initiator of Some, a series of conferences dealing with contemporary urban developments. Some is an acronym for Scenes of Modernity Europe. Each conference is held in a different city under a different name. A number of conferences will be accompanied by exhibitions in Eindhoven. To some extent these exhibitions contextualise the conferences, investigating the cross connections between architecture, design and visual arts. The exhibitions aim to address a broad public, whereas the conferences abroad are meant for insiders in the field of architecture.

The Somehow Conference in Barcelona took place on December 14, followed by the Somehow exhibition in MU from November 8 through December 16. Three architects participated in the conference in Barcelona: Hans Frei (SUI), Joost Meuwissen (NL) and Mirko Zardini (IT). The architectural projects of these architects are integrations of the atmosphere of freedom and experimental thinking present in the decompartmentalised art forms. 

The three international artists taking part in the exhibition in MU were all committed to art forms which, beyond the scope of museum exhibitions, established a close relationship with architecture.

The work of Roland Frässer (Lima-Peru, 1953) clearly shows a great fascination for animals. In MU he showed objects from the series Household Pets, Inflated Pets and Pet Cabinets. Buildings are 'growing' from a bear, a tortoise and a crocodile; animals are integrated in pieces of furniture. This exhibition displayed Fässer's most recent work: digital images of his animals figuring in surrealist, synthetic landscapes.

Reinhard Doubrawa (Treysa, 1963) created on MU location a work he called Lifesize, a full-scale tank constructed from carpet contours. He also designed a black patent leather column, which formed one unity with two objects in his series 'Bademode'.

The work of Jaime Pitarch (Barcelona, 1963) included a number of deconstructed world maps and street plans. In order to realise a completely different order, Pitarch had put the maps through a paper shredder at his bank and then woven the strips in random order. This was the first time that the works of Pitarch, Doubrawa and Fässer were on display in the Netherlands.

Roland Frässer (PER), Reinhard Doubrawa (GER), Jaime Pitarch (ESP)