The Sitcom! The Sitcom! The Sitcom! The Sitcom! The Sitcom!

The Sitcom!

Chairs being funny during Dutch Design Week

MU | De Witte Dame

A typical studio setting, four sets. A living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bar. That’s about all a sitcom needs, with the addition of an audience or some canned laughter and a handful of actors, of course.
But what if the actors were to disappear into the set? If the chairs made all the jokes, the designed domesticity came to life. What is the true nature, the essence of things? How inanimate are they really, our interiors? And, perhaps even more importantly: does design have a good sense of humour?

You may not split your sides laughing, but you are guaranteed to chuckle at this rather hopeless, absurd attempt to animate the humdrum. A perfect mission for the Eindhoven-based designer Lucas Maassen whose previous inventions Singing Chair, Yoga Chairs, and Nano Chair have conquered the world.
Who better to give the worn-down cliché of the American sitcom the filleting it deserves than Maassen, aided this time by the talented Brabant-born theatre maker Twan van Bragt and motion graphics wizards OddOne.

During Dutch Design Week 2013 MU | De Witte Dame is giving this illustrious team free rein to record the pilot and a number of key scenes for The Sitcom! at its premises. With the audience as their witness. Could it be true, can chairs be funny…?

Press conference and opening drinks
Saturday 19 October 4 PM – 6 PM.

Sitcom Party
Friday night 25 October 8 PM – midnight.

Visit the show from Saturday 19 till Sunday 27 October.
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