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People across the globe are looking for ways to reshape their lives under drastically altered circumstances. This sheds an unexpected light on the alternative story lines, scenarios and worldviews that are being unfolded in Worlding Worlds. The imaginary worlds presented by MU might well become a reality. In a near future, virtually, in a universe far away or tangible, smellable and very close.

Call 040 - 2961 663 during opening hours, or send an email to with the preferred date and time of your visit.

None of the queer, utopian, dystopian, germinating, irreconcilable worlds that are being opened up in Worlding Worlds was intended as a response to the pandemic. Still, they all touch upon the disruptive and creative forces that the virus uncovers. Built up with incredible detail from memories, algorithms, micro-organisms or animations they make up a series of playfully-urgent films and installations where reality and imagination find each other in a dance of endless possibilities.

where: MU
when: 1 June - 30 August 2020

Curator: Angelique Spaninks

Participating artists:
· Ainslee Alem Robson
· Andrew Thomas Huang
· Baum & Leahy
· David OReilly
· Ian Cheng
· Joanie Lemercier   
· Kordae Jatafa Henry
· Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley (@ladydangfua)
· Liam Young
· Mehraneh Atashi
· Stéphane Borel
· Soft Bodies (Paula Strunden & John Cruwys)
· Viviane Komati