Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home by designer collective Vis-à-Visa, is an installation by a group of Design Academy Eindhoven alumni, who have united around residence permits for artists and designers who are not from the EU, but would like to work and reside there. To get an artist-visa for two years, you have to participate in at least x number of exhibitions at a state-recognised art institution. If you don't meet this requirement you need to leave. This raises the question of who decides what art is and how and when exactly you should make it?

The installation Home Sweet Home consists of the skeleton of a temporary house that will be covered with candy floss during the opening and four Sundays thereafter. When the house is fully wrapped in pink cotton candy and nothing more can be seen of the skeleton, the (art) work is complete. But as time passes, the candy floss melts due to humidity and heat. Every weekend, the house is rebuilt only to melt away again. This tragic cycle depicts the struggle, uncertainty and temporality of the situation the collective Vis-a-Visa faces on a daily basis.

This project was on show from 25-05-2023 till 04-06-2023
as part of ‘Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times’.

Vis-à-Visa collective consists of Alexandre HumbertAli RizaAtakan GürKarma HamedLucas MaassenMetincan GüzelMin Kyung SeoShin-Hua YangSzu-Han LinTe-Yen Hsu.

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Photos: Boudewijn Bollmann