An essay by MU

The internet has transformed the world of graffiti. Offering writers and their audiences seemingly limitless opportunities to push the envelope, and in the process radically changing the way we understand this art form. In this MU podcast RJ Rushmore and Good Guy Boris unpack the impact of the internet in the exhibition #VIRALVANDALS, the second life of Graffiti.

What is this podcast about?

- Why graffiti is performance art

- Fame, self snitching and how the internet made the graffiti competition global

- Why it's time to vandalise the internet

This MU podcast is powered by Watershed | www.radioslik.nl 
Production | Juliet Gagnon and Bart Vermeulen
Soundscape | Bart Vermeulen
Music | Love and Security by Amos Angeles, Søren Berner and Christian Falsnaes and samples from video's shown in #VIRALVANDALS exhibition
Thanks to | Jasper van Es and EMOVES
Special thanks to | RJ Rushmore and Good Guy Boris