The Artificial Self  & Eroliteracy

The Artificial Self & Eroliteracy

The Artificial Self & Eroliteracy

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The Artificial Self from Lukas Völp and Eroliteracy from Nikola Scheibe look at questions such as: who am I? What do I like? What do I need? How do I feel? These existential questions have only become more complex in the individualistic reality of today’s information society, governed by the algorithms of (social) media platforms. How do these artificially intelligent systems read us? And how do we perceive ourselves through the rational filters of their algorithmic gaze? Based on design research both artists aim to inspire their audience to engage more deeply with their own digital counterparts.

The Artificial Self by Lukas Völp transforms the consumed content from its user's media feeds into an algorithmically generated self-portrait, rendering the impact of viral trends and influential opinion makers directly onto the user's face. 

Photo: Boudewijn Bollmann

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In Eroliteracy by Nikola Scheibe a digital avatar, generated out of a collection of sensual movements performed by many bodies, seduces the audience to join in its sexy performance. Feeding on the virality of TikTok-challenges and the many bodies involved in their creation — as performers, as viewers — the project raises the question of how we read and treat bodies online and how this affects the perception of our own bodies. 

This project was on show from 25-05-2023 tot 11-06-2023
as part of ‘Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times’. 

Photo:Boudewijn Bollmann

Header photo: Joie Willems

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Additional credits

For both works: 

Floristan von Tschammer (sound design) 

For Nikola's work: 

Frederik de Bleser (ai research)

Alexandra Fraser (text & voice acting)

Mazarine (sound design)