Award Ceremony Bio Art and Design Award

Award Ceremony Bio Art and Design Award

Op 19 mei is de finale van de Bio-art & Design Award (BAD Award) in Kunstcentrum Stroom in Den Haag. Vanaf 14:30 pitchen hier jonge kunstenaars/ontwerpers hun nog te realiseren kunstproject op het gebied van biokunst en -design voor een deskundige jury, pers en publiek. Aansluitend maakt de juryvoorzitter de drie winnaars bekend. Zij krijgen elk 25.000 euro om hun idee uit te voeren.

We nodigen je uit de Award Ceremony van de Bio Art and Design Award bij te wonen.

Je kunt je hier aanmelden.


14.30  Gallery STROOM open to the public

15.00 - 15.15  Welcome by Wilma van Donselaar (ZonMw) and Angelique Spaninks (MU Artspace)
A short explanation about the background of the competition, the preselection and what will happen after an artist/designer wins.

15.15 - 16.00  (Film) Documentary “Talking Plants & Morning Urine”
A documentary about collaboration between artists & scientists in the Bio Art & design competition. (Made by Bromet&dochters and commissioned by CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences)

16.00 - 16.50  Public pitches by all contestants about their proposed projects.
Every contestant will pitch their project in only 3 minutes.

Daniela Mitterberger & Tiziano Derme - The Eye of the Other
In collaboration with: Animal Ecology, Ecological Sciences -VU University Amsterdam

Amanda Baum & Rose Leahy - The Children’s Quantum Choir: Hive mind Hymns
In collaboration with: Generation R/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychology-Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam

Ana Maria Gomez Lopez - Interim: A Photographic Time-Series
In collaboration with: Molecular Epidemiology Group -Leiden University Medical Centre

Carolina Ramirez Figueroa - Drifter, whisper, trickster
In collaboration with: Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden

Xandra van der Eijk - Seasynthesis
In collaboration with: Wageningen Marine Research

Mary Maggic Tsang - Becoming Accelerated
In collaboration with: Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, One Health Group, Utrecht University

Laura Jade Hindes - Flow Equilibrium: Time Experienced Beyond The Arrow
In collaboration with: Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Public Health Group, Utrecht University

Guo Cheng Anon. - An intervention in the Anthropocene
In collaboration with: Institute for Environmental Studies – VU University Amsterdam

Pleun van Dijk - The Body Garden
In collaboration with: Soft Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology, Eindhoven University of Technology

Tom Kortbeek - The Temporary Institute of Plant Harmonics presents: Bio-Orchestra
In collaboration with: Plant Physiology, Wageningen University and Research Centre

Jiwon Woo - Mother's Hand Taste (Son-mat)
In collaboration with: Institute of Environmental Biology, Microbiology – Utrecht University

Ines Camara Leret - Here Throughout
In collaboration with: Department of Terrestrial Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology

16.50 hrs Announcement of the winners by William Myers, the chairman of the Jury

Drinks afterwards