WhatColor.IsTheInter.net/? & Browser Extensions Workshop

WhatColor.IsTheInter.net/? & Browser Extensions Workshop

Baltan Laboratories

Thursday 14:30 – 17:00

Workshopleaders: Greg Leuch & Jiashan Wu (F.A.T Lab artist & oprichters XOlator)

"Have you ever wondered what color the internet is? Learn how to build a simple web extension for searching the internet to quickly create your own visualizations."

The Internet is an active space filled with billions of pages, images,videos, and other files. Those that are not web producers or makers find themselves being passive participants in the game. But social media, browser hacks, and the very Internet itself yields many opportunities to engage, interact, and disrupt.

Greg Leuch and Jiashan Wu will present and discuss how to interact and engage with the Internet through various tools and techniques, including browser hacks, social media, and APIs. The workshop will provide participants new inspirations on how to actively think and create using the Internet as a primary medium for their projects.

Bring your own laptop

Suggested donation: 5 euro
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About the artists
Greg Leuch (@gleuch) is a interactive artist and developer, known for Internet-media projects as Shaved Bieber and Dr. Google. He is also a virtual research fellow with the Free Art & Technology Lab.

Jiashan Wu (@ohjia) is a designer and researcher who works and studies in the intersection of human needs, communication, and technology. She has done field work in Uganda and Southeast Asia, where she researched the creation, manufacturing, and culture of the knock-off iPhone industry.

Together they are co-founders of XOlator, a creative interactive team that
aims to make ideas happen on the internet.

Location: Baltan Laboratories